Admission requirements apply continuously and fairly to all students. The interested parties  for this study program, shall preliminarily completed a bachelor’s degree in law and another relevant qualification according to the Law on Higher Education, with an average grade 7.5 – 10 and higher.  In addition, all other applications will be considered on an individual basis. The program is of particular importance for recent graduates, who seek to develop skills and increase their academic skills.


The faculty applies principles and values ​​based on equal opportunities for students of both sexes, those with health problems, students who have to look after their children, students from immigration or for those from families who have had limited educational opportunities.


Furthermore, UBT students are among the most successful in the job market, not only because of the high quality and criteria of studies, but also owing to the motivation and support that the institution has given to students throughout the years of study. Moreover, scholarships are another institutional policy in support of different categories of students who wish to pursue a master’s degree in each of the selected programs. This study program gives candidates the opportunity to benefit from scholarships according to the criteria and each pre-defined category in the regulations.