Teaching and Learning

The share of independent work is about 75% of the total student workload and that includes reading, research work depending on the subjects. The share of active work (lectures and seminars) is also given prominent importance (10-15%). The common approach is to have a lecture per week and two exercises per courses. Depending on the pedagogical approach certain units may require more directed learning. In many courses students are required to work through a certain amount of compulsory readings, usually 15-20 pages per seminar.  In addition written assignments in the form of 1-2 page reflection paper, 5-7 page essays or up to 15 page research papers must be prepared.  Independent work also includes teamwork assignments.

ccording to ECTS based curricula all courses adhere to the learning-outcome approach. The standard workload per year for every student is 60 ECTS.  Students must have completed at least 75% of this workload to remain registered for the upcoming academic year.  According to UBT regulations 1 ECTS equals 25 hours of workload. The workload may include contact hours, independent learning, examination, internships and site visits.

The practical work is integrated and credited as part of the courses. Students are offered the opportunity to practically apply the the theoritical framework as part of the courses in private, public and EU law.  The department has established a list of partnerships namely Ministry of European Integration, Ministry of Justice, Kosovo Judicial Council, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Kosovo Mediation Commission, Kosovo Notary System and Kosovo Chamber of Advocates. Additionally, the programme intends to make use of the already existing partnerships at institutional level in the area of private sector.