Aims and Objectives

The programme is designed for students who have studied law fully or substantially. The content of the programme involves compulsory modules designed to provide an understanding of some of the most important elements of the law regulating international and European business.  The master stage requires a piece of independent research on a topic of international or European business. Overall the main aim of the programme is to provide a demanding programme of study which challenges students to develop their ability to think critically and to enhance students’ prior knowledge of legal system by encouraging them to develop their skills and apply into the specialist area of international and European business.  The study also enables students to demonstrate originality of though through the structuring and elucidation of idea at a level appropriate to a masters programme in international and European business law.  In the context of intutional reforms and approximation with European practices, the programme also provides the students the opportunity to enhance their career prospects while equally contributing to national and sectoral development.

Programme Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme a student will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • The substantive rules, principles, concepts and values of specific areas of international and european business law
  • The institutions and procedures relevant to the legal systems concerned with international and european business law
  • How the law is shaped by economic, political ans social considerations
  • Current legal developments, research, reform and innovation

On completion of the programme the students are also expected to have subject specific intellectual, practical and transferable skills:

  • Analyse specific law problems arising in the context of european and international business
  • Formulate and assess propositions of law based on legal theory and doctrines
  • Integrate the analysis of legal theory into a proposed solution to a legal problem and reach appropriate solutions to legal problems based on logic, reason or policy
  • Evaluate law through the ability to think critically and originally about legal norms and their underlying political and theoritical content
  • Carry out independent legal reserch at a level appropriate to master study, indentifying and evaluating relevant legal materials.
  • Present the results of legal analysis in a form and style appropriate to legal and academic discourse.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and use a variety of research sources including information technology
  • Undertake self-directed taks, manage time and prioritise taks by working to deadlines
  • Use forms of communication anad self-expression which are appripriate to master study