International Cooperation

The program meets the professional demands and fulfills the conditions in accordance with the The Directive of European Union for the Specialists of Dentistry 2005/36/EC and the previous directives that regulate the acknowledgement of professional education. Approaching and drawing parallelisms with the programs which are implemented and put into practice in other countries of European Union provides a balance between theory and practice, as well as it gives them the opportunity to unfold their skills in other labor prospective. It’s worth mentioning that these initiatives are carried out in the framework of implementing the criteria to adhere in EU and free circulation of capital, goods and people.

The Directive of EU stipulated that the studies that are related to dentistry practice must long at least 6 years. The Directive is not clear when it comes to the number of classes devoted to theory and practice. However, the institution has tended to follow and be in the Declarations of Bologna and Mynih about health, education and those practices recommended by the World Federation of Medical Education.

The international curriculums (programs consulted in this process are as follows);


 State  University  Website
Austria Medizinische Universität Graz (http://www.meduni‐
Bulgaria Medical University of Plovdiv (
Switzerland University of Basel  (
Ch First Faculty of Medicine Charles University (
Germany Albert‐Ludwig University of Freiburg  (www.uni‐
Estonia University of Tartu (
Croatia Sveučilišče v Zagrebu/University of Zagreb (
Italy Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze (





UBT aims to support the clinical research as well as scientific enquiry. The research topics are mainly focused on the care provided by a wide range of regulations involving the medical care towards community, patients and caregivers. It covers the process of managing the patients during and after recovery, contributes to lower the risk of being affected by the dental diseases, promotion of a healthy life style, and integration of information technology in dental services