International Cooperation

Programme for Media and Communication, that is offered by UBT, is designed considering the needs for research in the field of media staff in Kosovo.For lack kuadrosh in the field of journalism in Kosovo still lacks professional journalists, while in the field of multimedia communications and shortages are even more pronounced.The programme is based totally in needs of defined fields and we belive that it will create prepared staffand who will find their place in the media market in the country and beyond.Programme for Media and Communication,also was compared with programmes of best universities in the country, region and beyond.







Programme of basic studies
University of Prishtina



Faculty of JournalismBachelor of sciences



StateUniversity of Tirana.


Journalism DepartmentBachelor of sciences
University of southeast Europe in Tetovë.Fakultat VII Architektur Umwelt GesellschaftBachelor of
StateUniversity of Shkupi.


Faculty of ArchitectureBachelor of


University of Zagreb.Fakultet za gradbenistvoBachelor of
University of Lubjana.Faculty of Building and infrastructure engineering  and ArchitectureBachelor of
University of Vjena.Architecture DepartmentBachelor of sciences