UBT has a suitable environment for studying. It’s campus is located in Lipjan and the headquartes in Prishtina. The campus of Prishtina as well as that of Lipjan are comprised of classes, amphitheatres, libraries, laboratories, radios, newspapers, magazines etc. The classes are equipped with all the neccessary suitable accessories to carry out lectures and seminars. They consist of desks, projectors, blackboards, erasers and air-conditioning systems.




UBT has a large library which consists with almost 20 thousand titles. Students may find in the library the relevant literature needed for their field of study and to carry out their respective researches.






UBT continuosly takes care to provide the students with all the neccessary facilities to carry on their studies. Due to the fact, it has completed all the laboratories for written media, for practice in the written media, information technology and audiovisive media.


Radio and TV


UBT has it’s own media which has operates and has extended it’s activity on behalf of Radio Campus and it is due to have a Television, which will provide the students of the faculty of Media and Communication with the opportunity to reveal their opinions, ideas and insights.