Aims and Objectives

Bachelor Programme for Media and Communication will provide students with comprehensive knowledge on the role of communication in local, national and international level so that students will develop their creative and analytical skills to solve problems they come across.

This programme will offer students the opportunity to collect, evaluate and use information through various media.

The goal of the programme for Media and Communication is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge, in order to successfully accomplish tasks within organizations they are going to work with, while performing all communication forms in a foreign language.

This programme has been designed so as to provide a triple combination of studies: essential practical skills, such as interviewing and writing for various media; knowledge about people, institutions and ethical principles that students need to master as a part of the context for journalism.

This is an incentive programme, which provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in order to be able to work in various fields.



Upon successful completion of studies in the programme for Media and Communication, students will be able to:


  • Work in multicultural teams,
  • Possess and implement an advanced and a professional level in a foreign language,
  • Develop digital communication and marketing strategy while working on website,
  • Start their own business based on a strong knowledge foundation,
  • Possess necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to exercise their profession,
  • Quickly absorb sufficient information
  • Develop necessary skills for press design and editing,
  • Possess verbal and written skills, which will be enhanced while receiving adequate knowledge for issues and strategies of intercultural and multicultural communication.
  • Improve and develop their styles.