Industry Partnership

The collaboration between UBT and industry is one of the key institutional priorities, which affect the realization of theoretical objectives of teaching and their necessary practical training. In addition, the main purpose of this collaboration is the fulfillment of two main objectives; the highest level of theoretical knowledge and secondly the development of practical skills in problem solving.


In this regard, the Faculty of Law has programmed each academic year the engagement in the process of judges, prosecutors and lawyers, who can contribute with thematic lessons. Also, the Faculty of Law has an efficient cooperation with the Municipal Court of Prishtina, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Justice, the Kosovo Judicial Council, the Kosovo Lawyers Chamber, the Kosovo Judicial Institute, the Kosovo Forensic Agency, non-governmental organizations, etc. Furthermore, the due to the high level of expertise, professors engaged in our Faculty will facilitate the practical consideration regarding the challenges of the justice system and law enforcement.


The Faculty of Law at UBT has built the practice of visits to the prosecutor’s office, the Municipal Court, public agencies (Kosovo Competition Agency, Business Registration Agency and other practical law sector, supervised by a professor of professional internship in bachelor and progressive master studies). Moreover, students also attend courses such as Legal Clinic or internship combined with lectures on professional development