Aims and Objectives

The mission of LLB in Law Pizren is to provide the highest quality of legal education that leads to excellence in the performance of various legal professional capacities and contribute to the advancement of rule of law, economic growth, and sustainable development through innovative processes, teaching, and research excellence for the benefit of people and regional community of


Program Learning Outcomes 

On successful completion of this program students should be able to:

  1. Understand and summarize the gained knowledge in the areas of national and international law and be able to assess legislation according to applicable standards of the hierarchy of norms; 
  2. Explain and review the legal doctrine and interpret the Kosovo legal framework;
  3. Demonstrate an understanding and be able to interpret legal norms from civil, criminal, administrative, commercial, and constitutional law;
  4. Learn to effectively outline, draft, and write legal documents IRAC method (Issue, Rule, Analyze, and Conclusion) and prepare oral arguments to solve different legal questions;
  5. Summarize judicial decisions from the field of civil, criminal, administrative, commercial, and constitutional law;
  6. Gather, analyze, and interpret legal questions of civil, criminal, administrative, commercial, and constitutional law of Kosovo and international legal framework;
  7. Apply and implement the gained knowledge through practical engagement and exercise in legal clinics, court simulations (moot court competitions), and study visits in the courts and prosecutorial offices of different instances, and attorney’s offices;
  8. Communicate in writing and orally appropriately and in an analytical manner that will enable solving questions esteeming from legal disputes and other issues arising from different areas of national and international law; 
  9. Work in teams in/with competent law enforcement authorities (police, prosecutors’ offices, courts), NGOs, and private sector; 
  10. Execute research projects involving the analysis and interpretation of legal regulation of Kosovo legislation in the legal field;