Teaching and Learning

The program is primarily based on interweaving theory and practice. Access to teaching is stipulated by incorporating minimum course requirements, theoretical instructions and duration of practice under EU Directive 2005/36. In this regard, curriculum learning outcomes, content and teaching methods are designed based on the Kosovo Qualifications Framework and modeled on good practice recommended by the European Board of Anesthesiology.


The Technical Program of Anesthesiology at UBT is in compliance with the recommendations of the European Board of Anesthesiologists on the learning outcome and curriculum content. The structure of the program, its duration is provided in accordance with the National Professional Framework of Kosovo and best practices in Europe. Meanwhile, students carry out half of the program in practice at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Regional Hospitals in Family Medicine Centers and the Medical Polyclinic at UBT.


Furthermore, courses related to medical science strongly contribute to the development of students’ abilities to observe, assess and document the health condition, risks, symptoms of the disease and the results of treatments of patients and citizens. The main mission of the professional staff is to enable students to learn, carry out research and practice collaboratively skills and expertise regarding the field of health.