Public Engagement

Public Engagement


UBT has placed public engagement as a very important component of its strategy.  Our approach is to link our research activities in higher education that will be shared with the wide public where it will generate an additional value. There are many research activities taking place for the purpose of public engagement and they can be described such as

Voluntary engagement. Includes many different cases such as site visits of projects that professional staff and students may offer a research based evidence.

Consulting services.  UBT since the beginning it has focused in providing consulting services to the needs of society.   Consulting services includes projects related to feasibility studies for Government and Local development projects as well as specific industry needs. UBT has the largest number academics as far as HEI therefore it can offer its dedicated staff to provide consulting services in most disciplines. Also, the large number of foreign consultants from EU countries enhance UBT performance by bringing unique experience to the projects that UBT is dedicated to implement.

Industry collaboration. UBT has created a significant number of partners that continues to grow every year. Different programs have addressed the needs by creating a list of partners and wherever opportunity arises for cooperation UBT initiates contacts with partners.

Forums & Open Debates. There has been a continues increase of activities taking place at UBT in the recent years as to enable various stakeholders from Government, Foreign offices, Industry, education, NGO’s to contribute to the society in different forms.