Menaxhment, Biznes dhe Ekonomi

University for Business and Technology combines excellence with relevance and is widely recognized internationally. Faculty of Management Business and Economy is one of the top-rated business faculties for quality and research.

 University for Business and Technology is a great place to study and enjoy life at the same time. And this is where you can find out everything about us - from how we teach, to what's on in Europe and America. Regarding Management Business and Economy in the UBT is sometimes defined as the achievement of results with, and through others. Organizations in the public, private, charitable and voluntary sectors are all managed and the goods and services they provide are used by all of us in our daily lives. Whether the challenge is developing profitable new products or improving the health of our nation, the answer often comes down to management. Studying what managers actually do, how decisions are taken and how managers influence those that they work with is a fascinating subject. Management Business and Economy in the UBT will help you understand the theory underpinning this subject area and will help you to develop the skills required to translate the theory into practice

Dr.Edmond Hajrizi



Mission of the International Faculty for Management, Business and Economy is to advance knowledge and enhance student’s abilities to manage in a global business environment. The mission is achieved through a synergistic combination of teaching, scholarship and professional service, with emphasis on the linkage of theory and practice, and the application and management of technology. Towards the achievement of these ends, the International Faculty for Management, Business and Economy promotes collaborative relationships among students, faculty, administrators and employers.
Bachelor Program

Në mbështetje të kësaj, UBT ka krijuar forume të rregullta që shërbejnë si hapësirë e përshtatshme për studentët e diplomuar, për të diskutuar dhe sjellë përvojat dhe praktikat më të mira të tyre, të cilat sigurojnë zhvillim të vazhdueshëm të ideve kreative dhe projekteve zhvillimore.