International UBT Summer Academy

UBT Summer Academy serves as a great platform to expand students’ network and to keep them in touch with lecturers from world-leading faculties and with excellent backgrounds. It includes a series of credit awarding summer sessions with rich academic program which can be transferred to students’ home institutions. Moreover, a range of international students participate in the summer academy and this serves as a great opportunity to expand students’ international network as well as enrich their cultural experiences. In addition, it gives added value to students’ personal career network, by enhancing career prospects and giving them the chance to stand out. Guest lecturers from public institutions and private well-known companies join us every year and share their views on the most pressing issues that nowadays concerns the world and science.



-Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

-Academy of Information and Communication Technology

-Academy of Robotics and Advanced Technology

-Academy of Sustainable and Integrated Design

-Academy of Energy Efficiency

-Academy of Life Sciences

-Academy of European Studies and International Relations

-Academy of Foreign Direct Investments and Regional Development

-Academy of Building Engineering and Infrastructure

-Consumer Protection Day,

-Innovation Day,

-Entrepreneurships Day

-Project Day,

-Quality Day,

-Tourism and Hospitality Day

-Austrian – Kosovo Day

-Business Club Forum