Kosovo competes for the first place in China

Among the finalists from all over the world, UBT students, Taulant Mehmeti, Muhamed Retokoceri and Hakan Shehu, with the UBT lecturer Artan Salihu have started the international competition “Big Data and Analytics – 6th Annual Big Data and Analytics EdCon “, which is being held in Shanghai, China.

In this competition they represent UBT and the state of Kosovo. The competition aims to create innovative and analytical solutions, using the latest techniques and intelligent platforms.

They are presenting the project on “The role of livestock breeding in global climate change”, a project in which they have used the latest techniques from Data Science and AI for studying the trends and impact of livestock cultivation on the gas emission of environmental pollutants.

The project has compared the impact of this sector with other sectors, such as energy and transport.

For the realization of this project support and great contribution have been given by the rector of UBT, prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi and dr. Murthy Rallapalli.