Public Policy and Management

UBT is in many aspects a leading institution, regarding the field of teaching and research.Therefore, along with paying a particular attention on public policy and public management, the curriculum has included contemporary academic developments in public administration, has brought a focus on technology (e-government) and Kosovo’s commitment to European integration and public administration reform in order to harmonize its practices with those of the EU acquis communitaire.

Furthermore, UBT is recognized in Kosovo for its broad collaboration with a large number of universities worldwide. In addition this has created numerous opportunities for participation in international research and teaching projects.  Despite the fact, it is worth emphasizing that UBT combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills that has been made possible by UBT prioritization for staff recruitment and connections with industry and institutions. Moreover, UBT also has strong collaboration with public administration, local governments, regional development agencies and non-governmental sectors and as matter of a fact has drafted strategic development plans for the Ministry of Public Administration, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Diaspora, the Municipality of Ferizaj, the Municipality of Vushtrri and the Regional Development Agency in the south of Kosovo. Practical experience has provided an advantage, but also provided data on the planning process.

Among others, the study program of Public Policy and Management is in compliance with United Nations Excellence in Public Administration Education and Training Standards and the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration. Consequently, the program has been adopted to recent scientific developments and through collaboration with Corvinus University, Public Policy and Management and Tallinn University of Technology, MA Public Management and MA Public Administration.

The Public Policy and Management program at UBT has been implemented since 2014.