Industry Partnership

UBT already has more than 500 collaborations with numerous renowned universities and institutions. The realization of this Master program is supported by the engagement of professors invited by partner institutions or experts from institutions related to forensics and police in Kosovo. Despite, it is worth noting that institution puts a particular emphasis on providing support for students, who are keen to set up their own enterprises, through the UBT Center for Knowledge Experience and Transfer.


Meanwhile, the Faculty of Law has an efficient and broad collaboration with the Municipal Court of Pristina, the National Chamber of Advocates and other related institutions. In addition, it also operates research or practice visits based on cooperation agreements with the Kosovo Forensic Agency, the Kosovo Judicial Council, the National Agency for Personal Data and has built the UBT-CERT Division in compliance with UBT regulations – Cyber ​​Security and Intimacy.


Among others, its mission is to anticipate and address cyber security challenges and provide training and practice on issues such as the Cyber ​​System and the Security Information System, Cryptography Digital Forensics, Hacking Ethics.


Furthermore, another direction of fruitful collaboration with industry in the Faculty of Law is the creation of the industry board and their involvement in certain processes. This program is designed under the advice and expectations of the industry for specialists of the required knowledge. The institution also assures and pays a particular attention to programs regarding the aspect of fulfillment of national and regional needs in an innovative way, through consultation, engagement with industry and the community, including needs analysis and market research. Such engagements include multinational companies, local SMEs, the rural economy, the community and the voluntary sector, and relevant agencies.