The premises of the College are situated in Prishtina in a medium-sized facility refurbished in 2013. Additionally, UBT has completed the first phase of its new campus in the outskirts of Prishtina. With the completion of the first phase of new campus the institution has a total of 5800m2. The premises as well as the furniture were renewed last year in a large investment and development portfolio. The premises were constructed and tailored for higher education purposes.

All rooms are equipped with modern teaching equipment’s and are easily adaptable to various modes of teaching. The College also has printing and photocopy equipment’s for students. It will be possible for students to print in color, scan and copy materials. Additionally, interaction between staff and students is aided by the Moodle system.

UBT has a number of laboratories that serve the teaching, practice and research at the institution.

At the main campus there are four laboratories: CISCO Laboratory with 20 PC, Microsoft Laboratory with 16 PC, IT Laboratory with 50 PC and Media Laboratory.

There are currently two main laboratories, Mechatronics Lab and Energy Lab, at the main campus of UBT, which are used and managed by Energy Engineering and Mechatronics departments. The energy lab is equipped with renewable energy trainers like solar trainer, heat pumps, clean energy trainer, thermal camera etc. where master students will be able to carry out high quality experiments and research. The second energy lab is in the process of establishment (funded by ELEMEND project) which will be especially dedicated for master program of Electrical Energy and Energy Markets. The laboratory will be equipped with Energy Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Transformer Analyzer, 3 phase consumption analyzer, demand management for PV system, and Siemens PG-PC where students will be able to carry out high quality experiments in Energy Engineering related fields.

The current physical library is depicted with its stacks of 250,000 printed books, one of the biggest library around, as well as its e-books and publisher databases. The librarians present work with physical books and digital material, including cataloguing and circulation, are illustrated at the left of the sphere named ‘core knowledge’. UBT students have access to different digital e-Libraries, such as: BIONE, EBSCO HOST, IMF, Cambridge Journals and JSTOR.

UBT Library has created an electronic catalog, through which readers can be informed about all the material that exists in the library and may make application to take books from the distance. The library is supplied with books in different international languages. Publications that are usually obtained by internationally acclaimed centers like Vienna University of Technology, Harvard University, Oslo University, Oakland University, Nice University, etc. Also, there is a wide selection of specialized literature in the field of Energy Engineering.