Aims and Objectives

The study program aims to prepare competent architects for identification and analysis of architectural problems, drafting and development of architectural projects and service for community in the professional field taking into consideration also general social and environmental issues.

The program encompasses skills on communication and information and ideas exchange. The program also includes interdisciplinary aspects that enable students to transfer and contextualize their competences in different fields and different working environments, including team-working and individual working skills.



Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:


  • Understand techniques of design and planning
  • Understand engineering aspects of the project
  • Evaluate social, economic, and spatial aspects of environment through design and planning process.
  • Communicate and interpret professionally in different levels of audience
  • Provide solutions on construction, building technology and engineering problems related to Architecture and Construction industry.
  • Contribute on science and research in the field
  • Evaluate architectural and urban values of spatial-urban units.