Integrated Design

Name of the program BA Integrated Design
Erasmus Code (EU) 03.5 Design
Locations of the Programme Prishtinë


Duration 3 years,  180 ECTS
Type of studies Full time
Implementation partners UBT, International Partners, Industry
Qualifications and degrees Bachelor of Arts, Integrated Design
Destination after studies 1.       Graphic Designer

2.       Communication and PR

3.       Industrial Designer

4.       Fashion and Textile Designer

5.       Interior Designer

6.       Opportunity to engage in UBT

Other details  

·         Offered for the first time in the integrated style according to the methodology of Parsons (New York), BA Desgn – Politecnico Milano, BA Integrated Design Cologne, Bremen, Dasssau (Germany)

· The degree is recognized in the public and private sector in Kosovo and the European Union

· UBT offers study/transfer opportunities in the EU through Erasmus Mundus/Erasmus +

· The program is harmonized with the rules of the European Union and offers opportunities for transfer and recognition in Europe

· Practical work is carried out in the UBT Studio and Laboratories (AutoCAD, Materials, Design, Models and CISCO/Microsoft Labs)

· Possible professions and engagements: Designer of Industrial Products (electronics, wood, concrete, plastic, leather, glass, gold and silver), Communication Designer (Campaigns, Events, Desktop Publishing), Artistic Director in a Design Company, Design Consultant, Graphic Designer (Web, Multimedia), Fashion and Textile Designer (Textile Factory, Fashion Industry), Interior Designer (Studio Design, Domestic, Utility, Industrial Interior Design and Decoration·        

· Online study system (Moodle)


BA Integrated Design


The Bachelor of Integrated Design study program lasts three years of study, 180 ECTS and is implemented full-time. The main goal of the study is to offer an integrated study program by integrating interdisciplinary aspects and contextualized according to the requirements of society in Kosovo. The program’s curriculum relies on joint study of the core subjects of art, engineering and social sciences. Students are offered the opportunity to choose one of the specializations: graphic and communication design, industrial design and building decoration and furnishing. The teaching and learning method integrates the theoretical instruction dimension and the studio-based practical approach. Students also benefit from the program’s connection to industry. 


The program offers admission opportunities to all students who meet the minimum admission criteria. The program is especially suitable for students who have graduated from higher education in the fields of art, design, architecture and civil engineering. Potential students with a background in mechatronics, computer science, mechanics, business administration can select and adapt to the industrial design and graphic design study profiles.


BA Integrated Design has attracted the most qualified local and international staff in the field of design. Within the expanded range of international cooperation, students will have the opportunity to attend workshops with international professors. The infrastructure of the program is designed to fit the learning needs and pedagogical requirements of the program.