Integrated Design

UBT BA Integrated Design Program Overview


Name of the institutionBPRAL UBT College
Faculty/DepartmentDepartment of Design
Main Campus or BranchMain Campus
The program applies to BranchNo
Name of the study programBachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Design
Person responsibleAjhan Bajmaku
NQF Qualification LevelNQF Level 6
Academic degree conferredBachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Design
Program profile (specialization)Graphics and communication design

Product Design

Fashion and Textile Design

Interior Design

Erasmus Code03.5 Design (Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Textile)
Type of studyFull-time
Number of students
Minimum duration of study3 years




ProgramBachelor of Arts in Integrated Design


The program of study was opened in 2016 and accredited during the same year. The purpose of this program is to provide an interdisciplinary curriculum for integrated design study along the needs of Kosovo society. The graduate of  this study program will acquire all the knowledge and competence in arts and design, structures, materials, information technology and social science. Through this program students will gain (control) in an efficient and qualitative scientific basis of the profession. This includes the development of creative abilities of the main problems, developing critical thinking and teamwork skills, necessary for design work in the profession.


The structure of the program is designed to offer a broader introduction to arts and design in the first year, design methods in the second year and further concentration in during the third year.  Admission into the program is offered to students that have met the minimum national criteria and completed upper secondary education in arts and related fields. The didactic concept is balanced between theoretical instruction and studio-based practice.



Erasmus (EU)03.5 Design – Fashion Design, Product Design, Graphics)
LengthThree (3) Years,  180 ECTS
Mode of implementationFull Time
PartnersUBT, International Partners, Industry
QualificationBachelor of Arts in Integrated Design
DestinationGraphic Designer

PR and Communication Designer

Industrial Product Designer

Fashion Designer

Interior Designer

Other details

Offered in through an integrated study methodology in line with practices of Parsons (New York),  BA Design – Politecnico Milano,  BA Integrated Design Koln, Bremen, Dasssau

  • Diploma recognized nationally and internationally
  • Program enables windows for student transfer vi Erasmus Mundus/Erasmus +
  • Program harmonized with EU practices and Bologna
  • Professional Practice employs studio methodology and offers additional opportunities in UBT Materials Lab, IT Labs, Mechatronic Labs
  • Additional Training in Foreign language and Soft Skills
  • Moodle based platform