Partnership and Membership

  • Faculty of Integrated Design
    In UBT has over 300 partnerships worldwide, dedicated some of the partners exclusively for the Faculty to develop joint programs, research, students and staff exchange. Faculty have partnership with local, regional and international institutions and schools.
  • Some of the schools that Faculty cooperate closely:Technical University in Wien (Austria)
  • University of Pécs-Pécs (Hungary)
  • Anhal University of Applied Science-Dessau (Germany)
  • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology – Wroclaw (Poland)
  • University of Minho (Portugal)
  • Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Kadir Has University, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania)
  • University of Podgorica (Montenegro)
  • State University of Tetovo (FYR of Macedonia)
  • Faculty is member of AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning)