UBT has a modern infrastructure which is comprised of many campuses and other facilities, which provide the necessary space for studying and research. UBT has a very resourceful library with literature from various fields of study and beyond. UBT also offers its students full access to libraries and electronic academic platforms such as J-store, EBSO, UBT Koha, Sage Journals, which provide students and staff the opportunity to be up to date with the recent developments regarding academic affairs.


The premises of the Dental Technician are situated in the UBT Innovation Campus Lipjan. The institution operates in a medium-size modern facility build in 2017. The premises as well as the Biomedical Laboratory were erected last year in a large investment and development portfolio UBT Hospital of 2 million euros. The premises were constructed and tailored forhigher education purposes by the institution. The institution does not pay rent thus leaving more potential resources for future capital investments.


The Faculty premises includes 4 four auditoriums and 9 smaller seminar rooms and 18 policlinics. In addition, it has designated office space for staff and students. All rooms are equipped with modern teaching equipment and are easily adaptable to various modes of teaching. A videoconferencing auditorium has been arranged in 2017 with technical aids, conference equipment, a television set, a video projector, and a smart board. The Faculty also has printing and photocopy equipment for students. It will be possible for students to print in color, scan and copy materials.