Industry Partnership

The academic and research staff publish their work in speciality magazines or publishing houses, scientific/applied/artistic products are presented at conferences, sessions, symposiums, seminars etc. and contracts, expertise, consultancy, conventions, etc. are provided to partners inside the country and/or abroad.


Over the period of the first cycle of the Strategic Plan, the research infrastructure will be developed and enhanced further through the appointment of a relevant staff. This will enable the Faculty to capture, professionalize the delivery of technology to industry, support spinouts and broaden its routes to commercialization more actively. In line with these priorities, the Faculty will create forums where academic and business professionals can interact, provide programs of industry-focused services, including consultancy, industry training, joint academic industry partnerships and industry placements. There are three ongoing research projects and initiatives: (1) Annual UBT Conference in Stomatology, (2) UBT Stomatology Lab (3) UBT Research Centers in Restorative Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Orthodontics.


The Faculty model for structuring research is by dividing it into four groups: research centers, interdisciplinary research clusters in collaboration with other UBT Faculties, research groups and self-tasked researcher. The aim of the Faculty is to strengthen a research centers which will abide by international standards of research and assist academic staff research plans. The centers will be a: coordinating management body that provides researchers with assistance to prepare bids and manage projects and which fosters levels of interdisciplinarity to the group, have the potential for sustainable development through external funding and/or commercialization of its research outputs, a capacity to add value to the Faculty’s overall strategy, an ability to contribute to regional and national healthcare development.


The institution routinely makes available research and professional development allowances to staff and direct support for the agenda of designated research chairs. The Faculty also considers one-time support on ad hoc basis for special purposes such as international conferences and seed or matching funds for competitive external grants. In addition, the Institute has three research support programs to which faculty may apply: submission grants, conference travel support and undergraduate research assistantships. Submission grants of up to 1000 Euro are considered for each research cluster seeking external funding opportunities. Another lump sum of 5000 Euro annually is left for staff conference and research presentation support. Research clusters may apply for research assistantship grants of up to 2000 Euro annually to involve undergraduate students in support of their research and to provide a useful learning opportunity for the students.