Aims and Objectives

The study program mission is in compliance with the overall mission statement of the institution.


The mission of Dental Technician Program is to contribute to higher education through contemporary curricula, based and harmonized with the best practice at European level, distinct educational philosophy, research and services to the community. In terms of teaching, the program aims to offer a program that is adequate for the study of future trends and developments in the profession of dental technician, transfer knowledge and ensure quality teaching in cooperation with international partners, combine global teaching perspectives and local potential to provide a more supportive teaching environment for the profession.


In terms of research, the Faculty aims to improve research through participation in research and development projects and improvement of laboratories, advance scientific research, implement joint research projects in cooperation with international partners, promote continuous scientific and academic development among its staff and actively participate in international research forums and symposia. The Faculty’s community service is oriented towards offering dental technician services at the UBT Laboratory Clinic for the UBT Dental Program and the community, offer expertise and technical assistance for public and private institutions in the area of services in the dental laboratories of UBT, actively participate in shaping the developments of policy by participating in boards, working groups, committees and reviews at the Ministry of Health and offer partnerships to both private and public institutions in advancing support to dental health.


The aim of the program is to prepare undergraduates to assume responsibilities as professionals and competent dental technician practitioners in providing dental technical services, and to develop individuals with scientific, technical, innovative and sophisticated knowledge and skills for dental laboratory works.

On completion of the Dental Technician Program, the student is qualified to work as a practitioner in dental laboratories and to enter into multidisciplinary collaboration. The program provides the student with the necessary knowledge in both theoretical and laboratory aspects of dental appliances in compliance with the general development of the dental science and technology as well as the demands for dental services in the general population.


The course of study is based on development and research work reflecting current tendencies in the profession, including changes in the dental health of the population and the function and priorities of the system. Kosovo has only three practicing Dental Technician with Bachelor level education, and 108 with high school (Level IV) education, 47 of whom work in the public sector while the rest, 61 operate in private stomatology clinics. A regional comparison reveals that Kosovo along with Albania still lag the EU average number of dental technicians per

Dentist (1:2). The data extracted from the ATLAS DENTAL (2018) Report indicate that Kosovo would need at least 500 hundred more Dental Technician in order to approximate the regional and EU average.

The demand for dental technician expertise in the public sector has increased steadily in the past years as indicated by the latest Kosovo Statistical Agency Health Report (2017).