Our Work

What we do:

  1. Help you develop a strategy and work plan to bring your ideas to market.
  2. Help you identify the key milestones in the commercialization pathway.
  3. Help identify best commercial entities in industry for collaboration
  4. Help identify partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  5. Help you structure formal relationship, e.g. licensing agreements, sponsored research.


We also provide a networking, mentoring and market research service and working with our partners, we help strategize around the patent application process that protects you and your technology against the possibility of failure in securing intellectual property rights.


Case Manager

We have Managers for different fields and provide you with the appropriate Case Manager. Please schedule a meeting with our TTC Office Manager to meet the appropriate Case Manager based on the field of your invention. The Case Manager will work with you to develop a strategy for commercialization.

Our Team also provides you with the following services:

  • Spin out services
  • IPR analysis and filing
  • Market research
  • Identifying translation funding opportunities
  • Mentoring
  • Licensing services
  • Team building
  • New venture support