What we need from you

Please take some time and answer the following questions


  1. What is the problem that you are solving?
  2. What is the solution?
  3. What is the current state of the art?
  4. How is your solution better/faster/cheaper (e.g. advantages)?


Innovators Experience

  1. Have you successfully worked in the field related to this idea?
  2. Do you have any established industry relationships?


Technical Merit

  1. What is the current stage of development of your technology?
  2. What needs to be done to move it forward?
  3. Is there interest and available resources (time, funding, students) to do this?
  4. Are there similar competing products or approaches?


IP Potential

  1. What types of Intellectual Property protection are available for this technology?
  2. Are domestic and foreign patent rights preserved (e.g. have any public disclosures been made, are any expected)?
  3. What is the known prior art?
  4. Are there any known freedom-to-operate issues?
  5. How difficult is it to protect, i.e. detect infringement?


Commercial Potential

  1. What would your product be?
  2. Who is the customer?
  3. Who is the end user?
  4. Is this invention a stand-alone platform or one component among many needed?
  5. What is the need? How much does the industry/market need this?
  6. How big is the market, i.e.? What is the Market size?
  7. Who are potential Licensees?
  8. Is there a market champion who could be a potential licensee?
  9. Are you aware of the willingness of industry to sign for a license?
  10. Are the any known regulatory hurdles?
  11. How soon do you reckon it would take to go to market with your product?

We will invest time and resources into your technology, hence we require your utmost engagement and commitment throughout the process. Consequently, we will be defining milestones and corresponding deliverables. These milestones are meant to de-risk the technology and should correspond with the timing of certain events in the patent application process that require additional financial support.