New Students

Any candidate who has successfully passed the national graduation test or has completed undergraduate university education can pursue a degree at UBT in the following study programs: (link to Faculty pages?)

  • Management, Business and Economics (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Mechatronics Management (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Information Systems (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Architecture and Spatial Planning (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Building and Infrastructure Engineering (Bachelor’s)
  • Political Science and Diplomacy (Bachelor’s)
  • Law (Bachelor’s and Master’s)
  • Media and Communication (Bachelor’s)
  • Energy Engineering (Bachelor’s and Professional Diploma - the only accredited institution in Kosovo)
  • Public Policy and Management (Master’s)
  • Public Health and Social Science (Master’s)