UBT has strategic and developmental plans, where activities and initiatives for achieving the mission and its vision are specified.


UBT operates according to its Strategic Plan 2008-2011, which explicitly states vision, mission and strategic goals of the institute of higher Education. At the same time in the plan, objectives leading toward the achievement of outlined goals are clearly determined. A business plan followed by detailed annual operational plan for each school, and a research strategy, are important documents, which fulfill UBT’s strategic and developmental portfolio of documents. These documents serve as guiding documents in the implementation of the mission, as well as present the fields for continues improvement of quality and creating and enabling environment for learning, science and research. (See attached docs) 


Strategic Goals:


Strategic Goal 1 – Achieving Academic Excellence 

Strategic Goal 2 – Maintaining and increasing International and regional partnerships

Strategic Goal 3 – Creating Positive Working and Learning Environment

Strategic Goal 4 – Partnering with the community

Strategic Goal 5 – Developing Research, innovation and business centers