IT Services

UBT has a modern infrastructure, which meets the needs of students and academic and non-academic staff 


Our laboratory Mecatronics is one of our leading elements, designed by a team of internationally recognized and unique, not only in Kosovo but in the entire Balkan region. Is currently expanding to support the development and delivery of a new program of third degree education, supported by the European Union as part of capacity building in Kosovo, and supported by three EU universities.


Information technology labs for Microsoft Academy, Cisco, computer simulations, CAD lab and similar centers, which are growing, make the UBT a leading center in the country in the field of information technology and communications.


Technical conditions enable the student to the institution of normal consistency in the learning process, based on the fact that during the learning process every student belongs to a computer.


In the UBT there are all software necessary for a good job performing, teaching and learning.