The UBT Medical and Humanities Library Receives 20.000 New Books

The UBT Medical and Humanities Library Receives 20.000 New Books

The UBT Library of the Medical Sciences and Humanities has recently received more than 20.000 new books from the United States.  The books were donated by the teaching staff and students from different US universities as part of a contribution by the International Book Project of Lexington, Kentucky.

Under the leadership of Dr. Linda Connelly, headteacher of the School for Nursery of the North Florida University, the Association of the Nursery Students of the Florida University showed an interest in become part of the project by collecting university books and sending them to the UBT in Kosovo so that the latter could open its first library in the nursery program.  The students’ association of the North Florida University collected over 1,000 books in fall 2015 and sent them to Kosovo through an international book project.  The students’ association representatives have aid that they are committed to continuing this partnership and collect new books this spring, which will be sent to Kosovo before 1 May.

This is an encouraging and touching experience, which reminds us how generous we should be, reads a letter sent to the UBT by the students from Florida. The students went on to say that they hoped "they had played a small part in helping establish a new nursery program by encouraging a global feeling of community in the field of health care." 

Students and teachers said:

Alex Feroce: It was an honor for me to be part of such a wonderful project, and this made me recognize the resources that we the students possess.

Yess Stephens: I was overwhelmed by the nobleness and support that the NFU pedagogues showed throughout the process.   It was wonderful to see the project developing since the first day, and I feel touched to have been part of this first donation project.

Dr. Linda Connelly:  By developing the international book project, we realized very soon that we were behind schedule in the process of transportation.  Through the generosity and encouragement of Mr. Michael Trotter, a supervisor for the deliveries and acquisitions at the UFV, our project progressed smoothly. 

Veronica: For me nursery is built on the idea of giving. Being part of the international book project I felt I could be in a position to give at a global level. 


Angie Marini: I became involved in the second part of the project which included transportation and collection of the books from the offices of professors.  I do not think I have ever been surrounded by as many medical books as this time.  Aware of the fact that we were donating them to a developing country it was a very touching experience and I look forward to continuing with this project in the future.