Reading Week Starts at UBT

Reading Week Starts at UBT

As part of the "Reading Week" at the UBT, an activity organized by the Career Center, a first event of this kind was held on Tuesday at which online library of the UBT College was presented.  Halil Bashota, an UBT professor and one of the organizers of the event, said they had been inspired by the students to organize such an activity, because, as he put it, at this the stage of preparing for the exams they were reading more than ever.

Professor Bashota said reading should not be experienced as a stressing activity but rather as something relaxing and a very important exercise.  He also commented on the capacities of the UBT libraries, both online and hard copy.  "The UBT is a member of online libraries, and  this  helps the students to have access to books, different newspapers and magazines, and we pay for that," he said.

One of such libraries is the EBSCO, with around 50.000 titles of different fields.  Explaining the way those systems can be accessed, Bashota advised that the readers could download and save the books so that they can revisit the same texts later.  He  also explained that only the UBT staff and students had access to such systems.  He noted that the number of students using online and physical libraries had increased, which was a very positive development.


"Reading should be view as something that is part of ours, as a habit that relaxes the brain and expands our knowledge," said Bashota.