Bachelor programs

UBT Bachelor programs are licensed by the MEST and accredited by the Accreditation Agency of Kosovo. These programs also offer the possibility of specialization "Major" in some areas and ensure a successful career for graduates.


UBT Bachelor programs are designed in strict accordance with plans and programs of the most famous universities in Europe and elsewhere. This harmonization enables graduates in these programs to  continue their studies easily  in any internationally recognized university and also be qualified for the job market at home and abroad.

  The first and second year or 120 ECTS of a total 180 ECTS are general "Core Subjects". Third academic year is one in which students choose the direction / specialization "Major" and depending on the choice of field, courses are also relevant. Particular program is the Bachelor of Law program, which lasts four years and the direction / specialization "Major" is elected in the fourth year.


Academic local and international staff of bachelor programs at UBT is carefully selected and represents the latest knowledge and knowledge from relevant fields enabling UBT to be one of the top providers of private education with many academic staff quality and yet be a model for other institutions of higher education.



In the UBT can adjust the schedule of lectures for bachelor programs depending on your daily commitments. You can choose which groups are morning lectures  from 09:00 until 17:30 or afternoon groups which start at 17:30 until 21:00 and also groups which keep lectures at the weekend.


UBT is pleased to inform you that taking into account the commitments of UBT with its international and local partners  and thanking the Kosovo government to remove VAT for study, UBT has discounted the price for one academic year from 3400 to 2700Euro in English and from 1700 to 1200 in the Albanian language, of course maintaining and continuously improving the quality of studies at UBT. Payment of tuition fee can be made in whole or in monthly installments.


So, UBT offers contemporary Bachelor programs which are in line with the Bologna Declaration, the academic staff of qualified and competent, flexible, modern infrastructure and  very reasonable studies price . All these make UBT a higher education institution that promotes the value  and make the students of these programs successful leaders in their respective fields.