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What are Professional Studies?


Professional Studies term is used to describe education and training that prepares individuals to become outstanding professionals in their chosen career.


Why Professional Studies are important?

In a global economy more competitive, it is essential that companies and organizations have skilled manpower and competent in relevant fields who constantly upgrade their knowledge to meet challenges and environmental markets where they operate. Professional studies enable individuals and employers that they and their employees remain on the cutting edge and in line with market requirements. Professional studies provide a jump or significant improvement for creativity and innovation in the workplace and also a workforce that is more suitable and able to meet future challenges.


What is the UBT Diploma in Professional Studies?


UBT's Diploma in Professional Studies is the only degree of its kind in Kosovo and the region. Modeled according to the UK model. Professional Studies aimed at developing individuals with the skills and techniques perfected by the business.


Professional studies are possible for all those who have completed secondary education: with or without a graduation exam