Konferenca Ndërkombëtare e Arkitekturës dhe Planifikimit Hapësinor përmes platformës online mblodhi shumë shkencëtarë e hulumtues shkencorë


Në Konferencën Ndërkombëtare të Arkitekturës dhe Planifikimit Hapësinor u prezantuan shumë punime nga studiues e hulumtues nga vendi, rajoni dhe Evropa. Konferenca e organizuar online, mblodhi punime e prezantime që preknin fushën e Arkitekturës dhe Planifikimit Hapësinor.


Gjatë kësaj konference u trajtuan tema të ndryshme rreth arkitekturës, planifikimit urban e atij hapësinor, duke shkëmbyer hulumtime dhe të gjetura shkencore mes hulumtuesve shkencorë.


Punimet e dorëzuara dhe prezantuara në Konferencën e Arkitekturës dhe Planifikimit Hapësinor janë:

Session 1

Chair: Dr. Lulzim Beqiri

Co – Chair: Ph.D. Mimoza Sylejmani

Keynote speaker: Ph.D. Vladimíra Šilhánková


  • The neighborhood formation affected by “Kulla”dwelling- Dr. Bekim Ceko, Zeke Islamaj
  • Geoheritage of Kosovo, its Tourism Potential and Percpective- Ph.D. Besa Jagxhiu, Dr. Hazir Cadraku
  • From light to heavy, the spread of Modernism in Tetova- Dr. Kujtim Elezi, Dr.Nuran Saliu
  • The climate change impacts on cities in antiquity in civilization centres of the extended Mediterranean and near east regions (the import of history)- Ph.D.Vladimíra Šilhánková
  • Modern Arts Museum in a postwar city Prishtina- Dr. Bekim Ceko, Valmir Ramadani
  • Sustainable design of a detached house in Matican suburb of Prishtina- Sadije Deliu, Lirak Goga
  • Nature and Designe; Case study “Feng shui Center” in Prishtina- Dr. Bekim Ceko, Besjan Kulludra
  • Cultural heritage in Kosovo – conservation, restoration and international documents governing this field- Dr.Sc. Pajazit Hajzeri
  • Urban heat islands and green roofs role in the Center of Prague-Ph.D. Michael Pondělíček, VERLEURE W.
  • Energy Efficiency Renovation Measures in Public Buildings,
  • Case Study Kindergarten “Buzëqeshja” City of Prishtina- Nora Cimili, Ph.D.Petrit Ahmeti
  • Importance of implementing digitalization of procedures for equipment with construction permits – Zejnulla Rexhepi, Safete Veliu, Ph.D. Lulzim Beqiri

Session 2

Chair: Ph.D. Bekim Ceko

Co – Chair: Dr. Lulzim Beqiri

Keynote speaker: Dr. Edmond Hajrizi

  • Predesign Phase-Model of Consequent Developing and managing Architectural Projects and its Possible Application in Legal Framework- Assoc.Prof. Dr. Strahinja Trpevski, Assis.Prof.Dimitar Papasterevski
  • An algorithm for identifying simple states in complex rectangular shapes- Dr.Nuran Saliu, Dr.Andrea Maliqari, Dr.Kujtim Elezi
  • Urgent need to promote and implement the building resilience in Kosovo- Ph.D.Ferhat Bejtullahu, Ph.D.Besa Jagxhiu
  • Is the administration and treatment of illegal constructions in socially owned property by the Privatization Agency of Kosovo, reasonable, fair and acceptable, by current users of those proporties?-Dr. Venera Goxha
  • Travelers in the Ottoman Balkans. Descriptions and comments on the architectural and urban environment in the Thrace region between 15th and Early 20th century- PhD. Luca Orlandi
  • Ornamental plant species for urban public green spaces- Dr.Nexhat Balaj
  • Sustainable Development and Regenerative Sustainability in the Legal Urban Framework of the Republic of North Macedonia – Challenge or Utopia- Strahinja Trpevski, Zaklina Angelovska
  • Building the same houses-social category – Nexhat Coçaj
  • Body Measurement and Adjustments of Furniture for Children of Age 8 – 10 in Primary Schools (Case Study Children in Republic of Kosovo)- Rrahim Sejdiu, Blertë Sylejmani, Anduela Kasumaj
  • Modern Facade Techniques- Kaltrina Spahiu, Kaltrinë Mjaku
  • The Syntax of (un)successful Space- Banush Shyqeriu

Session 3 – Parallel Session

Chair: Dr.Binak Beqaj

Co – Chair: Dr. Elvida Pallaska

  • Implementation of e-Urbanization in the Legal Framework ofthe Republic of North Macedonia-  Zaklina Angelovska, Strahinja Trpevski
  • Urban functionality, meaning and identity of urban public space (Cases from Kosova)-Dr. Binak Beqaj
  • Integrated and Sustainable Approaches towards Protection Problem of Urban and Cultural Heritage in Pristina- Shqiprim Ahmeti, Iclal Kaya
  • Smart City Indicators: Can they improve governance in Prishtina and other main cities of Kosovo?-Dr. Elvida Pallaska
  • Spatial planning of a territory for the possibility of developing an economic zone “Case study of the Kërqevë-Lipjan economic zone”- Ajet Gashi
  • Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Urban Areas as an Integrated Part of Urban Planning- Drenushe Fidani, Violeta Gesovska, Valentina Zileska Pancovska
  • Urban settlement of the Illyrian-Roman period Municipiumi D.D. (DarDanorum)-Dr.Pajazit Hajzeri
  • Urban layers and historical footprints as a Cultural adequate housing right. Case study National Theater and Urban Villas of Tirana, Albania- Doriana Musaj
  • The economic effects of creative city clusters: The case study of Eindhoven City- Dr. Ylber Limani, Belinda Limani
  • Quality of Life of Residents in Urban Areas of Regulatory Plans in Kosovo- Marjan Ivezaj

Session 3 – Parallel Session

Chair: Dr.Arber Sadiki

Co – Chair: Dr. Ajhan Bajmaku

  • Piet Mondrian concepts in the houses of the "Reka e Epërme" Gostivar – Republic of North Macedonia- Dr.Enis Jakupi, Erda Besimi, Granit Haxhimustafa
  • The process of legalization of residential buildings in co-ownership, as an indicator of economic development- Rame Hamzaj
  • Architectural Design of Multifunctional Center in Prishtina- Bard Bajqinovci, Lulzim Beqiri
  • Kindergarten Design in the Municipality of Prishtina- Blerona Zymberi, Dr.Lulzim Beqiri
  • Art Gallery in Presevo- Jetesa Qerimi, Dr. Lulzim Beqiri
  • Research and design of a professional school in Prizren region based on market needs assessment and citizen demands- Era Krasniqi, Sadije Kelmendi
  • Designing of center for treatment and rehabilitation from drug and alcohol addiction- Dren Gojani, Ph.D.Petrit Ahmeti
  • Presentation of Interior Design Products through 3D Rendering-Faton Spahiu
  • How Did Architectural Design Contributed to the Failure of the Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project?-Visar Shllaku
  • Potential of Basic Geometric Shapes in Architecture – Case study: Tadao Ando-Dr. Arber Sadiki City & city center, the application of space syntax-Arsim Murseli
  • Influence of blast furnace slag content on the sulfate durability of the perlite based geopolymer mortars-Besian Sinani, Serhat Çelikten
  • Functional Lifespans of multi-family apartments- Ph.D.Mimoza Sylejmani, Dr.Lulzim Beqiri
  • Children’s playgrounds in different neighborhoods in the city of Pristina-Rineta Jashari
  • Contemporary architecture of social buildings and importance of their photographic presentation-Zana Prelvukaj.