Announcements & Notifications

In the framework of the proposal based on the Article 48,49, 50 of UBT Status and in relevance to Article no 26 of Heigher Education in Kosovo Republic No. 04/L-32, the appointed Commission which is in charge of  drafting and compiling the Regulation concerned with the Academic Titles in UBT has initiated the process of public discussion which will continue until 31.05.2018.

In the framework of this process, the Commission will be committed to admit the engagement and incorporation of the all interested parties, with a special emphasis on the academic staff. Our institution is willing to carefully take into consideration their comments recommendations that will help to improve the final document. According to the procedure, after the end of the public discussion the document will be submitted to the Rectorate for an ultimate approval.

This document is a not only an outcome of the Commission, but even of the common incorporation and involvement of a wide range of representatives pertaining to different interesnt groups within our institution based on the the best practices. The interested parties may download this document from the official page of UBT and the further comments may be sent in this address [email protected] .


Draft rregullorja per aplikim per tituj akademik_verzioni parafinal