IRO-UBT plays a significant role in UBT’s pursuit of international partnership and global engagement in education and knowledge. It creates opportunities for global initiatives, as well as it strengthens UBT’s position and foundation to academic excellence. IRO-UBT has maintained closer communication with different institutions over different global opportunities. The vital international linkages of IRO-UBT contributes in the development of different institutional agreements, as well as in conducting different activities for all those students and staff that want an international experience in their academic life via studies, internship, research and other educational experiences worldwide. Besides these, UBT-IRO serves as a global link for funding opportunities, exchanges, visits, international events and conferences. Since one of UBT-s main aim is working on strengthening international experiences and initiating collaborative partnerships, IRO-UBT plays a leading role in realizing this ambition.


Our Core Values

The International Relations Office of UBT is dedicated to several objectives, such as:


  • Negotiating international cooperation agreements,
  • Implementing international research projects,
  • Organizing international conferences and exhibitions,
  • Analyzing foreign education systems and conducting strategic plan for UBT’s internationalization
  • Helping faculty and students develop an international professional network and competitiveness in the global marketplace
  • Managing international mobility and exchange programs for students and staff,
  • Increasing student participation in study abroad,
  • Assisting students prior to arriving in Kosovo,
  • Coordinating and advising students on various services and information such as: scholarships, required documents for application, visa, travel, accommodation, study possibilities etc.,
  • Encouraging multicultural understanding and acceptance,
  • Making UBT a more multi-lingual, diverse, tolerant and inclusive community.