Academic Support

Extracurricular activities play an important role in UBT, since except the dynamic of an intensive teaching and learning process, students have their leisure as well as their non-academic activities, such as: learning and sports competitions, tours, exhibitions, cultural events – career week, library week, movie night, parties and other leisure activities. UBT has the largest number of appearances in different teaching competitions both in the country and in the world. It is worth mentioning competitions in mechatronics and robotics, where UBT takes the first place for innovative projects; competitions in architecture, design, media, engineering, etc. In addition to these competitions, students have the opportunity to relax with sporting competitions such as football, swimming and bowling, etc. The tours are realized every year for students in different world renowned universities, where the aim is to share and exchange their experiences as well as their new ideas and information for students. UBT also organizes different exhibitions both in the country and in international level, exhibitions of competitive and learning character. Other leisure activities for students, through the organization of various events: where the film and library week is aimed at promoting reading and culture as much as possible; Career Week is an important week that informs students about needs for the labour market skills required for employment, etc. Other activities, such as cultural events and parties, are important activities to keep the students entertained. The Career Centre makes the organization and well-functioning of these activities for students