International Cooperation

The study programme in mechatronics and management has been proposed as a new alternative to the exisitng somewhat constrained and well-established faculty structures in Europe. UBT was chosen as part of the EU Erasmus funded programme to propose a new curriculum to rework engeneering curricula along more inerdisciplinary lines. Our institutionl presented a ‘green field’ site with a smal but extremlly motivated staff and student body. The programme at UBT goes across the traditional faculty boundries whilst anchoring the essential engeneering subjects. The institution has followed closely the recent academic trends as part of ACM, IEEE and IFAC associations. UBT, as close contributor at IFAC, has been pioneering a new approach to mechatronics (Hajrizi, E, Kopacek, E, 2008 IFAC) – one that brings the mechatronc systems closer to business economics, social context and small and medium enterprises. Even though the curriculum has been designed to reflect the needs of the society, the funamental core of the discipline has been closely linked to the following programms:

  • Linz
  • Siegen
  • University of Southern Denmark