Within the framework of Faculty of Media and Communication, was held a thematic lecture on the role of the media in sports was held


Consequently, sport is among the few activities which have kept the audience in the mood, and as matter of a fact an ell-embraced reflection of the sport would not be possible if the media did not exist.


In addition, it’s worth emphasizing that media has a key role on sports. As a result, the Faculty of Media and Communication organized for its student’s online thematic lectures. The main topic was primarily focused on the impact of the media and journalists on the development and of sports, which was elaborated by professor Abedin Bahtiri.


In this regard, the lecture was interactive and the students had the opportunity to be involved in debates and discussions during the whole session.


Furthermore, the range of consecutive online thematic lectures within this faculty will continue by addressing topics from different fields. Moreover, this aims to keep track of upcoming events and as well as aid students to acquire as much knowledge as possible outside the curriculum.