University for Business and Technology (UBT) Joins Virtual Staff Training Sessions under COWEB Project


In a bid to strengthen international collaboration and promote academic excellence, the University for Business and Technology (UBT) professors from the MBE Faculty (Management, Business and Economics) Gonxhe Beqiri, Muhamet Gervalla, Engelbert Zefaj and Kestrim Avdimetaj  enthusiastically participated in a series of virtual staff training sessions organized by the Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden) as part of the COWEB Erasmus+ project.

The training sessions, conducted between February and March 2024, were a collaborative effort aimed at empowering staff and students across the consortium with valuable skills and insights. Aligning with UBT’s dedication to holistic education, these sessions played a pivotal role in enhancing teaching methodologies and preparing academic staff to deliver Local Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) modules.

The sessions, facilitated by experts from TU Dresden, focused on introducing innovative pedagogical approaches and strategies to improve student learning outcomes.