UBT – The Right Choice for a Successful Career


Have you always dreamed of being part of a professional institution that offers quality education? Do you want to entrust your future to a credible educational institution? The choice is in your hands. The choice is UBT.

For two decades now, UBT has been offering a unique educational experience in Kosovo, based on science, technology, and innovation. Leveraging the latest technology and embracing innovative teaching methods, UBT has become the institution with the most accredited programs and specializations.

UBT is recognized as one of the institutions with a rich and modern infrastructure. It has laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, an electronic system for students, online libraries, a scientific and innovative park, and a virtual incubator. It is the first educational institution that has brought virtual reality to Kosovo and integrated it into teaching in the 3.0 classroom.

In addition to the fruitful collaboration cultivated with institutions and industries in Kosovo, UBT has been exchanging experiences with partners from around the world, numbering more than 500 cooperation agreements with international universities and institutions. Thanks to the expansion of cooperation, hundreds of UBT students from all disciplines have continued their studies abroad, in the United States, England, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Croatia, and other countries.

You can make a difference. For a different experience, trust in the future of UBT!