UBT, the institution is a leading institution regarding the number of accredited programs and specializations


In almost more than two decades, UBT has rapidly increased the number of students, as well as has expanded to various centers in the largest cities of Kosovo.  At the meantime the institution has succeeded to be a leading institution among higher education private providers in Kosovo. As a result, it is ranked in the top institutions, regarding the number of accredited programs and specializations.

In addition, UBT has currently has 74 programs accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and about 200 specializations in a wide range of study programs.  Indeed, this success is related to the fact that the institution has infrastructural capacities and has employed more than one thousand academic staff wherein the vast majority of them have the scientific degree Doctors of Science.

Meanwhile, the institution has brought to Kosovo the best practices of contemporary teaching, including the electronic system for students, online bookstores, science parks, virtual incubators, the most modern laboratories, while reaching about 500 cooperation agreements with partners from around the world.

Moreover, it has also brought to Kosovo virtual reality and has successfully integrated it into the classroom 3.0