UBT student, Mergim Kukaj has been employed in Al Trade Company


Mergim Kukaj is studying in the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning and he is already employed in the construction and trade company, “Al Trade”, in Pristina.


Despite of holding the job position of architect, Kukaj is also responsible for monitoring different objects and also in charge of managing numerous construction plans.

“UBT has offered me great opportunities, especially the practice that we have held in the last year of studies, where thanks to this practice I gained the opportunity to get hired in this company.” – he said.


Furthermore, he added that UBT is regularly carrying out professional practices, scientific conferences, which are of key importance for both students’ professional and academic background. Besides that, UBT holds on annual basis the Summer Academy organized by the Faculty of Architecture, where participants have the opportunity to take professional experience from local and international architects.