UBT student Gent Avdijaj has been employed at Verpura GmbH


The student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Gent Avdijaj, has been employed by Verpura GmbH, where he holds the position of Java developer.

He has reached this position with the assistance provided by the Career Center at UBT.


Genti said that this work will help him in further professional development, while adding that UBT has helped a lot in this regard.

“UBT has helped me a lot in professional upgrades, because the knowledge I gained at UBT, I use it in daily basis in my workplace.” – he added.


UBT has the largest school of computer science in the whole region and as matter of fact domestic as well as international companies which are continuously seeking employees who have finished their studies at UBT owing to high level of competencies which they have acquired during their studies.


UBT has the largest school of computer science in the region, that’s why both local and international companies are always looking for students from UBT because of the high level of professional competences they earn during their studies.