UBT joins the awareness campaign for early detection of breast cancer


UBT has joined the campaign for the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, an activity taking place throughout the month of October and extending across Kosovo.

With the aim of raising awareness among students for breast cancer prevention, specialists from the National Institute of Public Health, including Dr. Mejreme Bajqinovci, Dr. Elfije Krasniqi, Dr. Nelifere Shabani-Krasniqi, and the Director of the Radiology Clinic, Dr. Shkëndije Nuza, were present at UBT today.

Through this activity, it was emphasized that in 2022, 1119 cases of cancer were registered, and an appeal was made for early medical check-ups, as early diagnosis prevents fatal consequences.

In this activity, as an example of resilience and triumphant survival in the fight against breast cancer, the Dean of the Faculty of English Language at UBT, Prof. Dr. Alma Lama, shared her experience in the battle with this disease.

“Awareness is the first step towards prevention. Cancer affects everyone, not only the affected person but also the family members in your circle, making you feel guilty for causing pain and sorrow to those you love the most. But above all, the cancer story is a tale of resilience, strength, hope, and investment so that each of us must cultivate it in our lives,” she expressed.

UBT, as a supporter in informative and awareness campaigns, will continue to contribute further to such civic initiatives for promoting a healthy life, as well as the prevention and early diagnosis of various diseases.