UBT held a commemorative gathering in honor of the life and work of Professor Peter Kopacek.


In the presence of professors, students, colleagues, and numerous friends, a commemorative gathering was held to honor the late Professor Peter Kopacek. Speaking about Professor Kopacek’s activities, the rector of UBT, Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi, stated that he offered his readiness to each student, sharing his knowledge in robotics, computer science, mechatronics with UBT students, advising and supporting them in their academic and professional journey. What made Professor Peter Kopacek particularly special was his strong connection and significant contribution in Kosovo, especially with UBT.


“All of us who have had the good fortune to know Professor Kopacek are blessed and feel proud to have known a good man, an excellent professional, a strong supporter of Kosovo and UBT in his international perspective. His contribution to the preparation and education of young generations, specialists, and students in this field has special value for our country,” expressed Rector Hajrizi.


On behalf of the Faculty of Mechatronics staff at UBT, Dean Xhemail Mehmeti spoke, offering sincere condolences to friends, family, and students for the loss of Professor Kopacek.


The late Professor Kopacek will always remain in the memory of every person who knew him up close, especially those who worked with him. He left behind great works that will guide us toward our successes and assist us in academic processes.