Media and Communication

Faculty of Media and Coomunication is an educational institution which interweaves the theoretical concepts and ideas with the practical ones. The mission of this faculty is to provide students with theoretical aspects related to social and political perspectives; about the individual and theoretical professional experiences, to provide news and raise awareness among the public opionin, market as a whole etc.

Due to the fact that Media and Communication are considered as one of the main means to strive for perfection and improvement of democracy and freedom, this paves the path for students to imbibe and up-to-date with the knowledge that will serve them and the society in itself. Despite this putting the emphasis on these components helps them to further improve in their profession. This underscores the importance of providing them with the adequate facilities to act in relevance to comprehensive standards and general principles that aid self-regulation of Media and fulfillment of tasks and obligations which are related to the communication  with the public.

Indeed, they will get to know the truth about the news devoid of rumors and irrelevant analysis, preservation of rights which pertain to the public and with respect to preservation of the integrity of resources.


Contary to the other faculties, the Faculty of Media and Communication puts the emphasis on the process of communication rather than the content. This communication points out the obligation towards society and the dialog with the public as a whole.

Beside that, Media is commonly refered to as a one of the underlying means of articulation. Taking into account the wide variety of models related to Media. The faculty creates the students the neccessary opportunities and facilitates them to express their point of views in the framework of professional autonomy of Media and Communication