Cooperation with Industry

Career Centre actively operates with its capacity to provide students with career services and professional development preparing them for the job placement. The centre based on its working plan, coordinates the activities throughout the faculties, in a communication process which is made on a daily basis, weekly communications, as well as meetings and reports based on the required needs. It is made to harmonize the career services, guidance and counselling between the centre and study programs with labour market – industry.


UBT through its strategic goals looks to constantly increase the employment rate of students by enabling them to successfully combine theoretical and practical knowledge as required by the labour market. Accordingly, Career Centre establishes a good foundation of institutional cooperation with institutions, private companies, as well as local and international organizations so that students have employment opportunities and start thinking about their career as in the first graduation year.


In this respect, the Industrial Board is established in each faculty which meets regularly to discuss the potential collaborations in each academic year. The industry generally percept UBT to be a distinct and quality oriented educational institution.  They view UBT graduates as a primary choice when offering employment opportunities and highly views and trusts our education systems and skills that we provide. Our graduates not only that have an average of 98% employment rate post-graduation but also have been able to get quality and high incomes jobs in the banking and insurance industry, business, public institutions and civil society organizations.  Our focus on improving business practices and systems through academic programs, research and certification programs contribute to increasing business systems and processes at a time when the industry is trying to realign itself into the global business cycle.


Fig. 1: Meeting with the Board of Industry of Computer Sciences and Engineering Faculty