UBT Career Center offered orientation and career counseling for high school students of Podujeva


Being able to choose the right profession is one of the main challenges for the youngsters, so UBT through the Career Center is making it possible for students who are on the verge of enrolling at the university, to make the right step in their future professional career.


As a result, the UBT representatives have displayed in front of high school students of Podujeva the most demanded programs in the current labor market and the specifics of each program.


The main aim of this meeting was to raise awareness among future students in order for them to create a clear picture of their future professions, based on their talents, as well as linking them to the urgent needs of the local and international labor market for experts from different fields.


The UBT Career Center has paid visits to many high schools in almost all regions of Kosovo aiming to advise them for their future careers.