UBT and University of Warshaw offer a double Degree


Due to the fact that internationalization is of crucial importance for Kosovo, as well as for the youngsters who are eagerly awaiting to explore the world even more, thanks to UBT collaboration with 300 international universities they will have the opportunity of earning internationally recognized degrees and this is simply achieved by studying at UBT and foundation of mutual programs where students may earn double degrees.


This type of agreement is functionalized by the Institute of International Relations of University of Warshaw in starting from 2015. This is a unique opportunity for Kosovo’s students as well as Western Balkans to follow their studies in bachelor and master level in the program of International Relations.


This program is supported by a mutual agreement between those universities on behalf of “Erasmus Mundus Action”.


Students are created with the opportunity of following all the modules in Kosovo, or follow the first year modules of their studies in Kosovo and thereafter continue with the others in Warsaw.


The  field of study and reseach are: International Policies, International Political Economy, Culture and Multiculturalism, Diplomacy and Foreign Policies, International Law and Institutions, Security and Strategic Studies, European Integration, Theory of International Relations, Market Development and International Business.