The UBT student starts on a professional practice in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare


Refik Shema who is actually a UBT student in the third years of his studies at the Faculty of Political Science, has started on a professional practice since two months ago, respectively in the Ministry if Labor and Welfare, in the job position of administrative assistant, where his in charge of providing professional support and proposes plans in collaboration with other assistants.


The UBT student emphasized that studying at UBT has created him with the opportunity of gaining knowledge and expertise from the professionals of this field, and that has earn necessary professional experiences.


“The quality of studies, infrastructure, and the academic and administrative staff are the key factors which highly contribute to the success and achievements of UBT students” stated, Shema.


In addition, Shema stated that the institution offers support and facilitates the employment processes for students both in public and private sector.